A Better Future for Citrus County



Wendy will fight for good jobs and small businesses.

 Wendy sits around a table with a group of people, talking.

I will help our small businesses flourish and create more jobs. I believe in growth, but smart growth, to bring better job opportunities to our community and families. I will support incentives for clean industry that bring higher wages and strong benefits.


Wendy will insist on sensible and strong protection for our Nature Coast.

 A bird in front of a "Certified WILDLIFE Habitat" sign

I will weigh every decision on its impact on the natural beauty of Citrus County, the reason many of us live here. I grew up in South Florida and witnessed bad local decisions ruin communities and Florida’s unique environment, and I won’t let Citrus County suffer the same fate. I will work to strengthen our economy so we can afford to protect the beauty of the Nature Coast for our children and grandchildren.

Quality of Life  

Wendy will support improving our quality of life.

 Wendy and her husband stand together with their daughter at her graduation. Wendy's daughter is dressed in gold graduation robes, and is holding a yellow rose.

I will support strong education and job training and our partners in Citrus County Schools so our children can study here and stay here if they want to. I will take strong, decisive actions to balance the needs of our community to improve our quality of life. I will listen to you, the voters and residents of Citrus County rather than special interests.